Writing a Script for Your Marketing Video

Writing a Script for Your Marketing Video

There are several stages to creating a successful marketing video but one of the most important is writing the script. This essentially forms the solid frame around which the rest of the production is going to be moulded.

Get it right and everything should fall into place. Your production crew will know what is expected and they will find it easy to film and edit into a finished video. 

Spend too little time writing your marketing video script, however, and you could end up creating something that fails to hit the mark and leaves your audience scratching their heads in confusion. 

What Type of Marketing Video Are You Making?

The first thing to settle before you pick up your scriptwriting pen is what type of video you are creating. Here are some examples:

  • Branding Video: This is probably one of the more difficult types of marketing video to write as it is about getting the essence of your brand and its key mission across in a lively and exciting manner. It does give you the chance, however, to tell a compelling story about your business. 
  • How-To Video: Simpler than most marketing videos, explainers and how-to videos usually have their structure and content closely defined by what you are trying to achieve. How to use a piece of software, for example, will come with its own a clear steps or stages that you simply need to work through. 
  • Promotional Video: This is where you are selling a product or service and the key challenge is to create an emotional connection with your audience that convinces them to buy or hire. Getting the tone and the wording right is imperative. 

Start with a Script Outline

Your outline is essentially a rough sketch of what you want to achieve with your video. This needs to be as focused as possible but your central aim should be to tell a compelling story. The outline or brief is also a great tool to ensure everyone understands the purpose of the video and how it is going to be delivered. 

You need to explore several things here:

  • The goals you have and the exact purpose of your video. 
  • How long it is likely to be (something that is often dictated by the budget). 
  • Who is going to take part in the project, including actors? 
  • What specific points you need to cover and in what order you want to get them across in the video. 
  • The emotional response you need from your viewers and what you want them to do next. 

Depending on the type of marketing video you are producing, the outline can be fleshed out a lot more. If you are telling a story, for example, you might want to put together a storyboard, a detailed plan of scenes and what happens in each. The entire outlining stage will give you the basis to head into the actual script writing stage with a complete plot. Now you just have to add the action and words.

Writing Your Marketing Video Script

If you haven’t written a marketing script before, you might want to hire a professional to do it for you. This can save a lot of time and money by getting it right first time. If you’re intent on writing the script in-house, however, you now need to focus on each scene and develop the storyline so that it engages your audience. 

You may be tempted to start with the beginning, work through the middle and then the end. If you have a strong call for action, however, it makes sense to start at the end, then work backwards. The reason for doing this is that it keeps you more connected to the endpoint and purpose of your video. 

What you don’t want to include is any unnecessary fluff. Avoid flowery language and keep to the point. It’s okay to be artistic but you don’t want it getting in the way of your marketing message. 

Keep these things at the back of your mind while you are writing:

  • The main call to action. 
  • Why your audience should still be watching. 
  • Whether this is the kind of content that will appeal to your audience.

Script lines should be conversational and natural, not always something that is easy to achieve when you are writing it down. That’s why it’s often better to simply act it out, either with a group of colleagues or in front of a mirror.

Not all your script will contain spoken passages, either. You may have action scenes that need to be described in reasonable and clear detail so that the production team can follow it. 

Practice and Tweak

Once you have the completed script, give it a read through from beginning to end and time it so that you know how long the video is going to be. Read aloud and carry out any actions so that you get a feel for the flow and rhythm. 

If it’s too long you’ll need to cut some of the writing or scenes out. If it’s too short you may have to add more in. If you stumble of some of the words, this usually means you need to smooth over or shorten the prose. 

Leave to Breath

The next stage is important for any piece of writing. Once you’ve done all the hard work, it’s time to put everything away. Clear it from your mind and get on with something else. We suggest leaving your script for at least a week before you go back to it again. 

Perform a Final Edit

The final edit is all about polishing the script and removing any fat that shouldn’t be there. It’s much easier to do this if you have left it to breathe for a while and come back to it renewed. Review your goals first and then work through the script a few times, tightening the prose so that it flows better.

It can help to perform the script in front of colleagues as a final test. One of the main questions you will be looking to answer is whether the copy is compelling. Is it going to engage your audience from beginning to end? Just as importantly, is it going to achieve what you intend it to? Will a few more tweaks here and there make a difference? 

Hiring a Video Production Company 

Writing a marketing video script is not as easy as many people think. That’s why many businesses decide to work with a professional video production company. 

At Square Pixel Productions, our talented team will be able to guide you through the various stages from original idea through to finished product and work within your project budget, including helping you to develop a compelling and engaging script. 

Contact our friendly team today to find out more.  

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