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Based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, our team of professionals are always on hand to offer high quality video production services to clients throughout the UK. We produce impactful videos that highlight your main message, so you get the results you need to see.

We have the knowledge and skills to make the entire experience of video production hassle free and fun. We’ve shot and produced video for a broad range of clientele, in many different industries, including education, construction, sport, government, and health. Our one constant is that we always deliver great content that’s highly watchable and grabs the viewers attention.

Our full-service video production company is versatile, so we can deliver stand-out content in a variety of formats, from live conference streams, to webinars, safety training, promo, and more…

Let us help with your next project

With years of experience we’re well-placed to help guide you in the right direction, if you need advice, or want input on what type of production to create. Our creative team of professionals will develop an effective video strategy that gets you where you want to be – in front of the right people.

Our four stages to video production

We’ve broken down our video production process into four key stages, which form the basis of our working strategy for every project we undertake, Pre-production, production, postproduction, and delivery.

We tailor our approach for every client, with every assignment requiring different levels of work at any given stage. Our flexible process allows us to understand your needs, keep track of timeframes, and ensure everyone is on the same page.


This is where we discuss your requirements with you develop a strategy for your video, from securing dates and locations to researching your target audience, and the best way for your message to be delivered.

This stage allows us to discover the what, when and how of your production – what we will shoot, when we will shoot it, and how we’ll edit and present your content for maximum impact.


After we know what where you want us to go, we’re ready to start filming.

Our experienced crew will arrive at the shoot location with all the equipment to shoot your video, record the sound, and professionally light the scene.

This is the stage where we roll up our sleeves, get to work and capture the great content you need for your video.


After your video has been shot, we back up all content on a separate hard drive for extra security, then duplicate that onto our machines ready to be edited.

Our editors start crafting your video using their expert judgement to seamlessly weave together the best bits of your footage.

Finally, we add in any required effects, grading, music, and text before we wrap it all up and produce your final video.


After all the planning, production and editing. Now you have a final video that looks great and is ready to be shared with your audience.

We share your videos with you via online transfer, ready for you to share the content to your audience.

Where necessary, we can also offer support to choose the best platforms to post on and can help you select the right tags and metadata, so you get max engagement and return on your investment.


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