What makes a successful Marketing Video

What makes a successful Marketing Video

Marketing videos work, and they should be a key part of your wider digital strategy. Videos enhance understanding and increase conversions. Videos can be used to communicate a message, sell products and highlight achievements or educate your audience. It is an incredibly effective and strong marketing technique but how do you create a successful video that gets the results you need?

Create a Plan

Creating a marketing video will only succeed with a well thought out plan that clearly defines how you intend to use the video and what it is going to achieve. The purpose of your video will determine what you say, the tone and length of the video. Will the video be used:

To increase brand awareness
To advertise a product or service

To educate your audience
To explain something in more detail
As an introduction to other content
An edited summary of a conference or a synopsis of an upcoming event.

Create something memorable

Good marketing videos will leave a lasting impression with your audience, but for all the right reasons. Whether it’s engaging on an emotional level, addressing a concern or educating the audience about a specific issue. Good scripting is crucial to delivering a strong marketing video. When creating your script aim to answer the following points:

The purpose of the video
The problem that you are trying to solve

The feeling or emotion that you want to evoke
What single piece of information do you want viewers to take away
What does your business do and how can you help viewers?

Show your Personality

Whatever you are talking about, it is unlikely that it is something that hasn’t been covered a hundred times before. In marketing, one of your main challenges is to differentiate your brand and your business from the competition. What sets your business apart? Think about your unique selling point. Potential customers are not going to read a lengthy written article about why your business is so good. Visual content really does have more of an impact. If you can learn how to highlight the personality of your product viewers are more likely to relate to what you say and remember it.

Add Value

No matter how short your video is, not everyone will want to sit through your entire video, even if it’s only a couple of minutes. There are millions of other videos available on the internet. As you develop our video explore what it is going to offer your audience. Will it solve a problem? Provide valuable tips? Offer something exclusive or tell an amazing or inspirational story? Always create videos that add value. If viewers can see a clear benefit from watching your video they are more likely to like and share your content.

Optimise for Search

The success of your video depends on it being found. There are lots of tactics that you can use to increase the chances of your video being shown in organic search. For the best SEO value host the video on your own domain and write a compelling and unique description that will help the video rank for specific search terms.

High Quality Production

The success of a marketing video depends on strong visuals and a quality production. The benefits of working with a video production company cannot be emphasised enough. Seeking support from an experienced video team is a worthwhile investment. A professional production company will be able to provide the advice, resources and equipment you need to make sure your video really creates a good impression.

Use the Right Equipment

It is much easier to record something properly using the right equipment than to modify a recording. A high quality microphone will capture your audio and avoid having to complete retakes. That’s why a good video production company will have all of the equipment that you need to create a polished and professional quality video.

Get your Script Right

If you are not the best at writing, it might be advisable to appoint a professional writer or scriptwriter to create the script. Your spoken content needs to be clear, concise and powerful. Working with a professional scriptwriter will allow you to review the information that you want to communicate, highlight the most important elements and then create a video that clearly conveys your message.

Identify Ideal Personas

Developing a video is an exciting process but your efforts won’t prove successful if you are targeting your content at the wrong people. Which demographic do you want to target and why. Build a buyer persona and create your video for this audience. Closely evaluating your buyer personas will give you more information about your audience which will provide greater direction in relation to the video content that you produce.

Vary your content

Try to mix your content up a bit to give your audience greater variety. Publish explainer videos, brand awareness videos, exclusive content and product videos to vary the type of information that you are publishing. Video marketing needs variety to be successful. Some of the people who will see your video content will be looking for information on a specific product while others may want to learn something about what you sell. Showing your expertise also increases your authority which increases trust in what you are selling.

Add interactivity

You might think that adding interactivity into your video content is going to be difficult, but interactivity boosts engagement. Increase interactivity by prompting them to leave a comment or email you with thoughts or ask a question regarding the content. Seeking their opinion is important. The more a customer interacts with your brand, the more attachment they will establish with your brand and the more likely they will be to make a purchase.

Paying attention to your video marketing strategy and getting it right from the outset will not only strengthen your overall marketing strategy but it helps you create an approach that will not only be successful but generate a positive return on your investment.

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