Using Event Highlight Videos to Maximise ROI

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Using Event Highlight Videos to Maximise ROI

Months of planning and preparation go into events and you can use them long afterwards to really maximise your return on investment. Good videography at an event is much more than simply using a camera and audio to capture the day as it unfolds; there are many elements that make an event successful. When you are coordinating an event, you will have to oversee many different things from the logistical elements of the event through to stage management, VIP guests, managing speakers and ensuring that attendees benefit from the event. As a result, you need a professional and reliable video production company on your side to make sure that the event runs smoothly. If you want to build interest in your event always consider different types of video that you can create long before the event even begins. There are many ways that you can use video to boost your return on investment and here are just a few:

#1 Sponsorship

Many events have sponsors or supporters of some description. These may be charitable organisations or businesses. As early as possible you should be creating a sponsorship video to encourage businesses and influencers to support and sponsor your event. You can also look at gaining partnership opportunities through sponsorship or branding, both of which will give your event a welcome boost.

#2 Create Enticing Introductory Videos

This type of video is growing in popularity and it is something that is becoming more widely used with large companies. Also known as a ‘hype video’ this content is usually a minute in length and it will attempt to gain momentum with the audience before introducing a speaker or sponsor. It is a valuable way to create excitement and enthusiasm for the event which will make them more engaged with the speakers.

#3 Success Stories

If your event is attended by current clients who have achieved considerable success using the products or services that you are talking about in your conference or event, a documentary style video featuring some of your clients can really benefit your business. Video success stories with real customers are one of the most effective ways to build confidence in your business. When a potential client sees a success story of how your business has helped solve a problem, you may even gain some new business as a result.

#4 Highlights

Maximise your return on investment by inspiring and motivating even more people to attend your upcoming events, particularly if they didn’t attend the previous one. Many businesses who are accustomed to delivering events understand the importance of creating event trailers as part of an event marketing strategy because it can boost attendee numbers. Highlight videos can also be used at the end of your event and published on social media which increases engagement with your brand.

When you create a highlights video it can be used in so many ways. You could promote it through social media and if you work with an experienced video production company you can ask them to create different highlights for different audiences. As an example, you might choose to send certain sections of the event as a highlights package to different audiences, targeting social media with one set of highlights, your email list with another and so on.

#5 Create a Strategy

Once your event has been recorded, it is important to have an idea of how you will use the various highlights videos that your production team will create, where they will be promoted and when. Your promotional strategy for future events can make or break them and you can use highlight videos as a powerful marketing tool. Customers want to be engaged but in a way that is personalised to their requirements. With a tailored highlight video, you can achieve this. Create a strategy for how many highlights videos you will produce and who you will market them to. Distributing this content after the event will refresh people’s memories of the event and you can increase engagement with your brand long after the event has taken place.

You can also use your highlight videos to collect important metrics on your video strategy, particularly if you incorporate a call to action such as a link to your website or to encourage attendees to sign up to your mailing list, download some free content or provide them with exclusive content.

Working with a professional video production company can help you to maximise your return on investment in many ways. Videographers have experience in event production and they will bring with them a vast amount of expertise. They should be involved in every step of the process and they can help you to select the most important elements of the event to include as a highlight video. The videos can also be used as a summary of the event sent to all attendees, perhaps with an exclusive offer or a discount on your services for a limited time only. The aim of your videos is to keep attendees engaged with your brand for the longest period of time. Some businesses who run events may send out highlight’s videos many weeks or even months after the event again with a special offer or discount. They can also be used to maximise attendance at future events.

The videos that you create for attendees can go a long way to inspiring and encouraging them to take action not only before and during the event, but long after it has taken place. An experienced video production team will advise you what type of highlights video will work for the event that you have just managed so use their expertise and make the most of their knowledge. Good video production companies won’t just advise you on the practicalities of the event such as the placement of cameras and audio equipment, they will advise you on what types of highlights videos you can create that will increase engagement and maximise your return on investment. 

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