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Why use Subtitles for Social Media Videos? If you’ve spent time and money putting together the best marketing video you can for your business, you’ll

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How Long Should Your Marketing Video Be? We’re often told in marketing that you should keep everything short and to the point. Apparently, we have

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Google Ranking and Your Video Content Every business dreams of getting itself on the top line and page one of search engine results. There are

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Tips for successful corporate video  Corporate videos can be a challenge to plan and produce, particularly if you are completely new to the world of

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Behind the scenes, promotion video with actors, lights and camera crew

Working with a video production company  Online videos are one of the most effective elements of your digital marketing strategy. But how do you create

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Create a video marketing strategy  In an increasingly digital world, the phrase content marketing has been used a lot in recent years. Content marketing is

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Using Event Highlight Videos to Maximise ROI Months of planning and preparation go into events and you can use them long afterwards to really maximise

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What makes a successful Marketing Video Marketing videos work, and they should be a key part of your wider digital strategy. Videos enhance understanding and

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Video SEO, Get it right.  In recent years, video production has increased as more businesses are realising the benefits of using it to promote their

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