Things to Consider when Recording your Next Event

Things to consider when filming your next event 

Months of preparation go into events to make them the best they can be. If you have taken the decision to record your event, there are lots of things to think about. It will be up to you to organise the venue, plan the transport, arrange catering, furnish the venue and even create content for the conference or event. With so many tasks on your growing to do list, recording and stage design may be overlooked. Therefore, it is so important when recording an event to bring on board a professional production company as early as possible. Not only will an expertly produced video ensure that speakers are seen and heard clearly, but to ensure that each attendee leaves the event with an excellent impression of you as a business. This could also stretch to those watching the event through a live stream or on demand if they were unable to make the actual event.

Planning and delivering an event takes time, energy and resources and working with a professional video production company can really deliver the dynamic and creative stage presentation that you need to deliver. In the weeks leading up to the event preparation and planning are essential.

The most important thing to remember is that when you record your event, capture the information that your audience want to hear and see. Recording an event well is not impossible as many businesses think. Whether you are delivering a large event with hundreds of attendees or a small event, with the right equipment and the proper expertise you can create a polished and professional recording of the event. There are so many things to consider from lighting through to audio and a professional video production company will make the process much easier.


One of your first considerations is where the presenters will stand and whether they will move around the room or stay in the same place. This is essential because it will determine where cameras and audio devices are placed to record the event. Once you have worked out where the presenters will stand you will need a suitable camera to capture the head and shoulders of the presenters, as well as additional cameras that may be required for wider shots and audience shots.

Manual Camera Focus

If you are delivering an event where the presenter remains still, set the focus of your camera to manual to prevent it from changing focus as it pans between speakers and members of the audience who may be asking questions.


Good lighting is one of the most important elements when creating a high quality video production of an event. When you are lighting the stage and the surrounding area, it is important that you have a good stage wash so that wherever the speaker is standing they are in good light. This is important not just for the video because it will guide attendees’ eyes naturally to the stage and the speaker, increasing engagement. If you are trying to highlight a particular speaker rather than the entire stage perhaps in the case of a live stream, three point lighting would be recommended. This will involve setting up a main light to achieve the correct exposure and then creating a little eye light and fill light to soften shadows.

Live Streaming Considerations

If you are live streaming the event create a powerful and visually appealing presentation through multiple capture sources. High quality live video productions will include at least two camera angles and multiple video sources that are regularly switched to ensure that the stream remains engaging.

Stage Design and Scenes

Design of the stage and placement of scenic elements and backdrops can really give the event atmosphere, provided that it is done well. Pipe and drape can work very well. If you are working with a restricted budget you can create a clean drape line with some strategically placed uplighting. Stage wash will provide you with excellent exposure and uplighting can be used with any colour too, so you can create a background that reflects your corporate branding and colours. Where budget allows you can be more creative, incorporating customised backgrounds and lighting to emphasise specific messages or backgrounds.

Corporate Branding

When videoing an event consideration should be taken as to how you will brand the stage. Logo overlays, customised backgrounds or text overlays can all enhance the viewers experience when the video is played back. If you are streaming the event with the speaker text overlay can be used to introduce various points in the event and the speaker. If you don’t want to distract the viewer you can place overlays and branding between presentations or breaks.

Pre-Show and Post Show Content

If the event is to be delivered as a live stream, consider the attendees who are not actually at the venue. Begin live streaming a few moments before the event so participants can join and so they won’t miss parts of the event. Ten to fifteen minutes is ideal. Rather than showing an empty stage for this time, you can create a video clip, an image or some form of countdown to the event. Once the event has concluded you can also end with a photo montage or clip that summarises the main points and thanks viewers for watching. You could also include a call to action if appropriate.

Creating a professional video production of your event takes time and above all expertise. Work with your video production company who will be able to provide you with advice, information and guidance on staging, branding and placement of cameras and audio equipment to ensure that your event is professionally captured. Don’t forget live streaming and making the video available on demand is a powerful way to reach people who either cannot attend the event or who would like to watch the event at a later date. A professionally developed and delivered video recording can bring multiple benefits to your business.

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