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Highlights from your event

Highlight videos are a great way to capture the key moments of your event and share them with your audience.

A professional videographer can help you create a highlights reel that conveys the energy and excitement of your event, as well as the key speeches and presentations.

Some events take place over the course of a day, two days or even a week or more. Posting the entire event is not usually viable, or cost effective if it was a paid for conference or workshop.

That said, you can reuse the footage in countless ways including promotional and educational content. From 90 second Instagram Reels to longer informative YouTube videos, your event videos can be repurposed and repacked as you wish.

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Promote your events

Event highlight videos are an excellent way to promote your business or organisation, and they can also be used to create marketing materials or training videos.

Whether you’re looking to capture the highlights of your company’s annual conference or you want to create a video montage of your latest product launch, a business event videographer can help you create a winning video that will engage and inform your audience.

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When you want to use a venue as a selling point for an event, highlight reels are the perfect solution.

By skilfully guiding the viewer around a space, an experienced videographer can showcase the best features of a location and create a lasting impression.

The video will entice the viewer in to learn more, it will increase interest and build excitement and anticipation for an upcoming event.

As well as providing an overview of a venue, an event highlight video can also capture the energy and excitement of a past event, giving potential attendees a taste of what they can expect.

When correctly produced, highlights captured and produced in the right way is an invaluable tool for promoting any business.

In less than a few minutes, a short yet impactful video can give viewers a much better sense of a space than the most detailed photos or written descriptions.

Highlights captured in a brief video can pull together the important moments of an influential or important speaker.

By emphasising the key points of the speech and editing them into a cohesive whole, a highlight video can help viewers to understand and appreciate the speaker’s message.

In addition, this footage can also serve as a valuable record of the event itself, providing a permanent record of the speeches and other proceedings.

For these reasons, business event videographers often choose to create highlight videos to showcase everything that’s special about your business and your events.

The audience response can often make or break an event.

If they are engaged, enthusiastic and interacting with the speakers, this is great footage for a videographer.

One way that we can capture the mood of the audience is to use a wide-angle lens to film the stage from the back of the room.

This allows the videographer to record the entire crowd in one shot, providing an immediate insight into the size and energy of the audience.

Another way to capture audience reactions is to use a slow-motion camera to film key moments during the event. This creates a sense of drama and excitement and allows viewers to see the expressions on people’s faces.

By using these techniques, a business event videographer can create a video that gives an immediate insight into audience reactions.

You can also use this highlight reel as a timelapse showing the room filling with attendees eager to watch, learn and engage.

All these snippets can be pieced together into a compelling highlight reel.

When it comes to documenting an event, highlights can capture the overall tone and feel of the occasion better than any other type of video.

Stringing together the best moments of the event can give viewers a sense of what it was like to be there, or provide a valuable insight into the event itself.

By interviewing attendees and capturing their reactions, a vox pop-style video can provide valuable feedback on everything from the organisation of the event to its overall effectiveness.

For businesses, this type of footage can be invaluable in helping to assess and improve their events.

Highlight videos are the perfect way to create intrigue and interest in future business events.

By showcasing clips of past conferences, keynote speakers, and seminars, you can give potential attendees a taste of what they can expect.

Highlight videos also serve as a great way to promote your event on social media and your website.

By tagging key industry influencers and partners, you can reach a wider audience and generate more interest in your event.

And because highlight videos can be easily shared online, they’re a cost-effective way to market your event to a global audience.

So if you’re looking for a creative way to generate excitement for your next business event, consider creating a highlight video.

A corporate event highlight video is a powerful marketing tool that can be used in a variety of ways.

For example, businesses can post the videos on their website or social media channels to generate interest in their products or services.

In addition, businesses can use the videos to train employees or create marketing materials such as case studies or customer testimonials.

Event videography is an essential part of any corporate event, and highlight videos can help businesses to achieve key goals and objectives.

You can use highlight clips to promote training or a workshop.

By offering a sneak peek of the content, you can pique the interest of potential attendees and build excitement for the event.

Highlight clips can also be used to thank sponsors and showcase the venue.

In addition, you can use highlight videos to post testimonials from past attendees or speakers.

By sharing positive experiences, you can build trust and credibility with potential attendees. Ultimately, highlight clips are a powerful marketing tool that can help you boost interest and attendance for your next event.

Event Filming

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We have captured numerous events across the UK, recording speakers, creating highlight montages and helping you build anticipation for your future events.

Live Streaming

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Live streaming allows people from around the world to attend your event, workshop or conference virtually, helping you to get your message across to participants that are unable to attend in person.

Aerial Filming

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Now you can easily add aerial content to your promotional and corporate videos or showcase your work from a fresh angle with our aerial production service.



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