Video to make your brand go viral

Social Media is a highly competitive space and users there have brief attention spans. If you want to get their attention, you need to stand out, with content that’s short, snappy, and memorable.

Our experienced production team will plan out your social strategy from start to finish. Working with you every step of the way, we’ll create highly shareable clips you can post on Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms. We can handle every aspect of your social media video production, from discussing your idea to making it happen on screen.

Use our video production service to take the hassle out of social media promotion, and our skilled content creators will work with you to craft engaging videos precision tailored to your audience.

If you want to add an extra- impressive touch to your video, why not include aerial filming to capture some impressive drone footage, shot by our CAA approved and licensed operators. Perfect if you want something different or need to show off an event from an alternative angle.

If you need content fast to keep up with trending topics, we can use motion graphics or text with voiceover to create content quickly remotely without needing to leave the office, this enables a fast and efficient way to get a video from idea to timeline.

Shake up the timeline

We can create a series of short, highly watchable videos from footage we obtain in just one single shoot, making our service a great way to get all the content you need to stand out on social media.

Stand out on social media

Square Pixel Productions offers you a complete video production service, we gather lots of content from a single days shoot, and then when you require content quickly we can use and re-use the stored files to create video content quickly whenever you need it for your social media profiles.

Perhaps you’re planning a campaign, or want to share your story with your followers? Maybe you’d like to build brand buzz and get everyone talking about your products?

Make creative and unique ads, let the world know about your brand, and promote your products and events with our social video service.

We make social work for you

Whatever your social media goals, whether it’s to grow your following, spread the word about a promotion, or raise your brand profile – our bespoke service can be customised to suit. 

Tell us what you want your content to achieve and we’ll help you get to reach your goals, from strategising the best way for you to promote, to shooting and editing your production.

Our Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire based video production company can film all over the UK or work remotely, so no matter where you are located, we’ll help you make a splash on social.

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