Stunning aerial video production

When you really want to amaze, aerial filming is an ideal way to create an exciting video production. Make promos that command attention, highlight your event, or show off your work from a new perspective with our high-quality aerial filming service.

Unmanned drones are becoming more and more popular on shoots as they are a great way to add an extra special touch that instantly engages viewers. 4k footage shot from a breath-taking vantage point is guaranteed to give you an edge on your rivals.

When creating our aerial video productions, we use smooth and stable 4K aerial drones, which offer superior stability at a variety of different heights. Drones provide seamless and smooth camera movements and enable access to unusual angles that just wouldn’t be possible on regular shoots. 

They’re safer and more cost-effective than large scale scaffolds, or helicopters, and are an easy, time-saving way to grab footage that always impresses.

Based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, our video production company can offer aerial filming services to the whole of the UK. Get in on the growing drone trend before everyone else with our affordable aerial video production service and enhance your content with stunning 4k video shot from above.

Impress with aerial filming

Whether you want something to heighten your production or would like an aerial video that takes your audience on a journey – our licensed aerial drone operator will shoot footage from the sky that commands everyone’s attention.

Get more from your content

Drone footage can be used in a wide variety of ways, whether you want fresh promo that stands out on social media, need to showcase a project, or just want to enhance your video production.

Opting for our aerial filming service will help you maximise the versatility of your shoot as one single flight provides us with lots of footage, which can be used to create a lot of content that you can share with your audience over weeks or months, by creating multiple videos that you can drip feed out to your followers, helping you to achieve one of the most important things that will help you stay relevant – posting regular, quality visual content.

For an exciting fusion, our creative team can use a blend of aerial video and aerial photography to produce clean fresh results. Get in touch and we’ll set up your perfect aerial production, strategising every step of the way to develop content that wows your viewers and gets results.

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